Artist in Schools Program

Artist in Schools – ‘The Persistence Project’

Student Leadership Development Program – Grade 3/4A and 3/4D

‘The Persistence Project’ focuses on students directing their learning while further developing skills in literacy and numeracy and building resilience and wellbeing. The active participation project based learning opportunity, debriefing, mentoring and the provision of positive role models promotes engagement, student satisfaction and success. The theme of persistence is central to the creative process as well as the development of emotional well-being. To have persistence takes courage and effort. These are the themes that will be explored to create a story.

A ‘large scale’ shadow puppetry performance that tells a fantastical 'fable of persistence' devised by the children in collaboration with the artist and the teacher will then be performed live.  Throughout the journey, the ‘Persistence’ Project will provide students with an opportunity to make puppets, create a story based on the theme of persistence and courage and perform as they discover the language of theatre.

This program has been made possible and is proudly supported by “Artist in Schools – A Victorian Government Initiative.”

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