Grades 3/4

3/4 Newsletter – Term 2 - 2017


This term in Year 3/4 we have some fantastic learning opportunities planned for our students

In Reading, we will be covering strategies to use to become fluent readers and will be analysing different text types, to assist our students in becoming informed readers.

In Writing, we will develop student’s skills in structuring writing for different genres such as narratives, recounts and persuasive. Students will also investigate the use of punctuation and grammar. We are looking forward to reading about student’s personal experiences in their Writer’s Notebook.

In Maths, we are covering several areas including multiplication and division, 3D shapes, length and mapping.

In Integrated Studies, students will be exploring the Science of ‘Forces and Motion’. We will be asking questions such as What are forces? and How do forces work together to effect change?

In Performing Arts, students will be working in small groups to create a puppet play script.

During Visual Arts, students will be designing and making a stick puppet, which will then be used in Performing Arts to perform a puppet show.
During Physical Education, students will be performing a variety of ball handling skills and then applying them in minor games and activities. It is very important that your child wears appropriate footwear on their PE days and have a drink bottle to bring water to each session.



Instalments due throughout the term (refer to your permission form sent home in Week One).


Reading each night and any other set homework from your child’s teacher.


We encourage all parents to sign your child’s daily planner each evening/morning.

3/4 SPORT:

Every Monday afternoon in addition to P.E


Mr Bunsen Burner (Week 10)

3/4 Team.