Information Communication & technology (ICT)

Curriculum Activities

The school's computers for student use

The Computer Laboratory

We have a fully equipped computer Laboratory, which is equipped with sufficient PCs for every child in a class to have access to one.

All classes visit the computer laboratory once a week.


Classroom PCs

Classrooms hosting Grades Prep (Foundation) to 4 have access to a mobile trolley of netbooks. These can be requested by any teacher, at any time, on a "first come - first served" basis.

1:1 Netbooks

The school’s 1-to-1 program affords the opportunity for our students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities, allowing engagement and involvement in their learning.

Learning experiences across the school are purposefully designed to develop the attributes of a life-long learner.

In this way, each student learns to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be an engaged, robust, 21st century citizen capable of shaping our future

Why are we moving in this direction? 

How can netbooks improve learning?

Today’s students think, connect and communicate differently from those who were at school even only a few years ago.  DEECD Netbook Trial research showed that students with 1:1 access are:
• more motivated and engaged in learning
• better organised which improved literacy and numeracy outcomes
• better able to collaborate and analytically think

What is 1:1?

1-to-1 learning is where each student has an internet connected Netbook computer for use in the classroom and at home. The Portable computers called “netbooks” weigh just over 1kg and fit easily into a school bag. The netbook is loaded with software that students need, and backed up with in-school technical support. The netbooks will give participating students the tools to learn in a digital age. Wireless internet access will be available at school, and if the parents choose to take up this option, netbooks can also be used at home – with or without internet access. The School leases these netbooks to parents.

1:1 Netbooks promote better learning in and out of school by encouraging:

• anywhere, anytime access to learning
• independent, self-initiated learning, eg promotion of problem solving skills, ability to ‘Google’ questions they have
• more family involvement in education through accessing their Netbook
• collaboration between students in different schools, states and even countries.
• ability to teach students how to communicate appropriately and safely in social websites
• the ability to access homework and school information online and offline
• more time for teachers to teach students to use the internet appropriately as a tool to learn
• greater access to real-time information, digital learning resources and educational software
• working in online spaces such as a Wikispace where students can access varied content to support their level of understanding in a subject area.  .
• the ability to digitally capture any learning, such as videos or photographs to create things such as digital stories. 
• opportunities to discuss cyber bullying as a real issue and discuss impacts of this as a class. 


This policy provides guidelines for users at Kurunjang Primary School who utilize Information Technology in doing so in an appropriate and acceptable manner.

It addresses issues such as:

  • What material is inappropriate in a school environment
  • What to do if inappropriate material is discovered on a web page while using a browser for web research
  • What is appropriate etiquette in a web environment

Information Technology resources are seen as a valuable asset to education, and the correct use by all maximises the benefits available to all.