Konnective for School News

Kurunjang Primary School is going mobile!

Kurunjang Primary School has joined Konnective.

Konnective is a mobile app solution that will allow us to communicate with you, our parents, straight to your smartphone. We will be sending news, events and more so that you can be even more connected with your children's activities and events at the school. Using the Konnective app, you can add events directly to your phone's calendar, set reminders for things you need to do and receive important alerts (similar to a text message) as soon as they are released.

Via the app, we can send communications to specific grade levels, so you will receive information specific to your child's grade as well as general news, events and updates that will go to everyone.

To join Konnective please down the appropriate free app:


For iPhone users - get Konnective from the app store


For Android users, get Konnective from the Google Play store


For other smartphone devices, or if you don't have a smartphone, use our website version

Once you have registered and logged in, go to My Connections to connect to the relevant school fees.

For registration, fill in name and details ect. as required, then click register again. You will receive an email. Open your email and follow the instructions (click on the link). This will activate your Konnective account.

If you are using an Apple or Android phone, open the Konnective app, click on MyConnections, click on Add New Connections, and select Kurunjang Primary school from the list of schools.

If you don't have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can receive alerts via email. All you nee to do is log on to Konnective (www.konnective.com.au), register and enter your email address in the Select Email Alerts box.

To request approval, you will need to provide your name, the student's name, and their year level.

For assistance, or any further information, please contact support@konnective.com.au or visit www.konnective.com.au