Newsletter,  Term 4 2016

How time flies! It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were coming back to school for term 3 in the middle of a cold snap!  Now, Spring has sprung, and the weather is getting warmer very quickly! Please make sure that your child has their school hat and a bottle of water at school every day so that they can stay hydrated during the warmer weather.

In reading, it is very important to understand what we have read. So if we come to a word we are unsure of, we need to use strategies such as checking the picture, sounding out the word, looking for smaller words that we might know inside the word and re-reading the sentence to help us understand what we have read. Please remember to continue to read nightly with your child. After reading, ask your child what they have read so that you can make sure that they understand what they have read.

When recording our ideas, it is important that we have checked that we have used full stops and capital letters, left spaces between our words, used interesting sentences that include describing [adjectives] and action [verbs] words so that our writing is able to be read and enjoyed.

In maths, we are learning to identify edges, faces and vertices of 3D objects, represent 2 digit numbers using towers of tens, bundles, number lines, accurate drawings, tally marks and tens frames. We are learning to count on from the largest collection to find the total and compare the capacity and length of objects.

Chinese continues to be an exciting part of each week. We have been learning to say numbers to ten, hear our names said in Chinese and we have learnt to sing a greeting song called “Ni Hao Panda”.

Our integrated unit is “Things live and grow.” We are very excited about the opportunity we have of going to a farm on Wednesday 9th November. It is a fantastic chance for the children to see how living things grow and have the opportunity to milk a cow, see pigs, horse, ducks and have a hay ride.

The Foundation Breakfast is the first stage in the Kurunjang PS camping program. There will be lots of cereal, toast, cheese toasties, fruit and juice for the children to make their breakfast.

In November, we will be taking part in the annual KPS fete. There will be lots of games, stalls and activities to get involved in. Don’t forget to look out for the Junior Jumping Castle and baby animals!

The P-2 sports day is coming up this term. There will be activities such as hurdles, vortex throws, egg and spoon races as well as a favourite, the 3-legged race. The children always have an enjoyable day and it is great to see so many parents and friends able to support the children each year.

To end the busy term, the children will be participating in a  F – 2 Christmas Concert and Foundation Graduation. We are already preparing a special surprise to share. The children are very excited about performing for all their family and friends.

A big thank you to all of our parent helpers. Your time and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by the students and the staff. Please check the newsletter for a special morning tea provided by the staff in December to say a special thank you for your time at the school.

We continue to be thrilled by the progress the students have made so far this year. We are looking forward to sharing a very exciting and busy Term 4 with you.

Prep Team
Nicole Mills, Shantelle Hall, Michelle Visser, Deb Munoz and Susan Edwardl