Year 5/6

Term 2 2017

The beginning of term 2 was exciting for the students who attended PGL Campaspe.  Although the weather was freezing the kids all had a great time.  They are to be commended for the way they participated in the activities which included canoeing, flying fox, abseiling, raft building and initiatives.  





The foci for reading this term is to develop comprehension strategies the students use when reading.  We have been looking at making inferences whilst reading, using clues within the text and prior knowledge.  The children will also be learning how their thinking can change when gathering new information.  Students will continue to build on their capacity as independent readers, increasing the amount of time they can read independently.


The main genre foci for term 2 are persuasive texts, information reports and explanation texts.   Students will explore the structure and features of these genres and use the writing process wheel to create texts on a variety of topics.  Students will continue to do word investigations and regularly participate in spelling practice.

Maths –

The foci for math this term is to develop understanding of multiplication and division.  Students will be introduced to a range of mental strategies they can use when solving problems.  Students will explore the relationship between the 2 as well as developing their ability to recall multiplication and division facts.
In measurement, students will be using a variety of measuring implements to measure the area and perimeter of 2D shapes.  They will make conversions between units of measurement.
In geometry, students will investigate 2D and 3D shapes.  They will identify the features of the shapes and create 3D shapes from nets.


Students will be studying biological science.  They will learn about habitats and eco systems and how animals need to adapt to survive.   This will also tie in with sustainability and the importance of looking after our environment.
In Physical Education, students will be participating in an invasion game unit on AFL football and netball. Students will be refining their skills in netball and AFL Football. They will focus on developing attacking and defensive tactics.
In Visual Arts, students will be designing and constructing a cone puppet using a range of materials, which will then be used in Drama to perform a puppet show.
During Performing Arts, students will work in small groups to create a script and perform it using puppets produced in Visual Arts. They will be watching other puppet plays and providing constructive feedback to their peers.
Year 5/6 Team
updated Term 2 2017